About us

Alexander Avdeev:  Head of Laboratory, PhD in Geophysics, Associate Professor, e-mail: alexander.avdeev (at) nsu.ru, alexander.v.avdeev (at) gmail.com

12+ years of working experience in Intel as Russia/CIS BDM, Site Ops Manager and Intel MKL Software Engineering Manager. More than 25 years of research/teaching experience in RU Academy of Sci, associate professor in Computational Math. Organized ISTEP Russia, CMWs Russia in 2011-2016. Performed Intel tools talks at multiple Intel external events (ISTEP Russia, Code Modernization Workshops, trainings/seminars) as well as at various University/Academy/Business events. Trainings experience:  Intel Software tools, Math courses at Novo State University; 3 books, 60+ publications

Anton A. Duchkov: Leader of Oil & Gas projects, PhD in Geophysics, Associate Professor, e-mail: DuchkovAA (at) ipgg.sbras.ru;

Research Interests:  Geometric theory of seismic imaging. Parallel algorithms in seismic processing. Microseismic monitoring in exploration applications. Laboratory studies of physical properties of gas-hydrate baring samples

Igor G. Chernykh: Leader of High-Performance Computing projects, PhD in Comp Math, e-mail:  chernykh (at) parbz.sscc.ru

Deputy head of Siberian Supercomputing Center; Research Interests: High-performance computing, parallel programming, math modeling

Sergey Gololobov:  Leader of Artificial Intelligence projects, Senior consultant, PhD in Comp Math, Associate Professor

12+ years of experience of Intel Performance Libraries development/ management. More than 15 years of teaching experience in University of Nijmegen (The Netherland) and Novosibirsk State University as associate professor in Computational Math. Delivered Intel Software Development Tools trainings/talks at various University/Academy/Business events. Co-author of online Intuit course on Intel MKL Trainings experience:  Intel Parallel Studio XE Optimization for modern architectures course at Novo State University (includes OpenMP, TBB, and MPI); Intuit Intel MKL course and two-level certification

Andrey Anufrienko: Senior consultant, Senior SW Engineer, MSc in Applied Math, Assistance Professor

Developed Intel C/C++/Fortran compilers for more than 10 years. Has deep knowledge in processor architecture, compiler backend architecture, HPC performance benchmarks, strong experience in performance analysis and usage of Intel performance analysis tools. Has more than 10 years of experience in teaching at Novosibirsk State University. Delivered Intel Software Development Tools trainings/webinars for multiple Intel external events/schools, published articles in Intel’s blog on popular Russian IT site habrahabr.ru; Author of online Intuit course “Application optimization with usage of Intel performance tools”  Trainings experience:  Course “Application optimization with usage of Intel performance tools” Intel Parallel Studio (Compilers, Libraries, Intel VTune Performance Analyzer)

Pavel Rudych: Senior technical consultant, MSc in Physics

Graduated from Novosibirsk State University, department of Physics in 2005, field of interests - BOLD (blood oxygenation level–dependent) inspired EEG, deep learning for brain signal understanding, Leader of NSU-Intel project (2016-2017): The goal of the project was to evaluate and demonstrate the latest version of OpenCL technology with C++ kernel language and SPIR-V intermediate representation enabled. Intel invested significant resources in developing OpenCL 2.2 C++ standard in Khronos consortium. Developed the OpenCL C++  applications implementing well-known network topologies LeNet, AlexNet and demonstrate functionality on images from MNIST.  Applications used the integrated graphics on Intel Core 6th Generation (SkyLake)